What an Incredible Opportunity…

That was my first thought when I received a call informing me that I had been selected to participate in the TriEqual Program. Like most things, I apply, hope I get picked … usually get rejected. And you know what? I try not to take it personal. I know that there are hundreds (if not more) talented athletes that apply for a few limited spots. So of course when I received that call I jumped at the opportunity.

  • Structured training program

  • Easy access to workouts through TrainingPeaks
  • Individualized attention
  • A support network
  • A chance to inspire others
  • And much, much more

 Yes, please sign me up!

Within two months of connecting with my Coach, Suzanne Flannigan, through the TriEqual Program this happened…

Overall Female Winner New PR and Course Record
Newport News One City Marathon Overall Female Winner
New PR and Course Record


3-13-16 – The day I learned how to be mentally tough and never give up.

I nearly dropped out at mile 16. My coach’s advice is what got my through the next mile, and every mile after…

Every time you think about “falling apart”, intentionally refuse to accept the thought. Instead, replace that negative thought with positive thoughts.

I took the lead at mile 23 and held on for the win.







What happened along the way…

While I had a pretty successful 2015 that included podium finishes over various run and triathlon distances, I was coaching myself and pretty much doing the same thing day in and day out. While I noticed improvements here and there my plan simply wasn’t going to cut it. I needed specific workouts, a nutrition plan, advice on the mental side of training and racing, and most importantly a coach that believed they could help me achieve my ultimate goal: to become the first African American Female to turn professional (African Americans make up only 0.5 percent of the triathlon community).

While I’m a long ways away from achieving that goal, the past couple of months have definitely been a step in the right direction. Through the TriEqual Program I was introduced to Coach Sooz  and received a structured training plan geared towards a PR marathon performance and steps to tackle my first Half Ironman in June (Ironman 70.3 Eagleman…can’t wait!). We discussed pace, nutrition, and what my coach considers the fourth discipline in triathlon – mental training.

My workouts – swim, bike, run, time, pace, etc. – are posted every week on TrainingPeaks. It’s simple. I love it!
My workouts – swim, bike, run, time, pace, etc. – are posted every week on TrainingPeaks. It’s simple. I love it!



This is where I learned that having the right coach is invaluable. Anyone can write a training program. You need more than that. Endurance racing is just as much mental as it is physical! I didn’t realize how many things go into making a successful triathlete. Needless to say, I’ve been trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can.





Thank you to the entire TriEqual team. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Coach Sooz. Her expertise has been invaluable. I’ve never been more confident in my abilities and I am looking forward to the triathlon season and taking on new challenges.

4-3-15 Duathlon Regional Championships 1st F30-34
Duathlon Regional Championships
1st F30-34

I hope this is just the beginning of great things to come!


Sika Henry

Customer Intelligence Analyst

2X Marathon Winner

Aspiring Pro Triathlete

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