Meet your Equally Inspiring Cruise Directors

Hello to all the TriEqual and Equally Inspiring folks out there. We are the new cruise directors for the #EquallyInspiring program and we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to everyone. We are going to be sharing in your journeys for the next 12 months so it is only appropriate that we share a bit of ours!

Hi, I’m Kim. I’ve been a triathlete for about 4 years now and a USAT Race Director for 3 years. I typically dislike my race photos cause they never make me look badass (see Val’s photo below) so instead I’m sharing my geek out moment with TO and Rinny, yes I have unrealistic dreams of being her bestie, I digress! When I’m not  swimming, or biking, or running, I’m a Walk Manager for a nonprofit. I currently reside in Tampa, FL with my husband and furbabies! I’m super excited to be working with Val and the others at TriEqual to build and grow the #Equallyinspiring program.



I’m Valérie and I’ve been doing triathlon for a year and a half. I used to think it was reserved for elite athletes, but I’ve realized quickly that everybody can do triathlons. Last year, I was lucky to be picked to participate in the Equally Inspiring program. At the time, I was battling depression and the sport helped me tremendously to feel better. This year, I want to give back to the triathlon community. When I’m not training, I work for a videogame company in Montreal, Canada. Here’s a photo of me during my first triathlon:


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us! We can’t wait to meet and chat with you on the Facebook page @50womentokona.

The coach applications for Equally Inspiring will open on Thursday, Sept 1. The athlete applications will open on Thursday, September 15. They will be open until Sunday, October 2!

More details will be posted soon! Until then, if you have any questions please email


Betsy Langan

Hi Kim!! Great to see you involved with this project! I heard that you, too, moved on from the Rocky Point Cube Farm!

Hope you are well,


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