What comfort zone? by Yvette Pollard

Have you ever just wanted to do something different? So different that it made your stomach queasy? Well come on in, oh and you might want to start sipping on this soda to settle your stomach because this is going to be a doozy!

I am the mom to the fantastic 4! Ages 22, 15, 13 & 13. Not a typo, I have a set of teenage TWINS! Now’s a good time to feel sorry for me I have three teenagers in the house!

I am a quasi-athlete. I always want to try something new. Always looking for the next fitness challenge that I know nothing about and in my head I always think, oh THAT looks like FUN! Yes, my family thinks I’m nuts.

Close to the latter half of each year I try to figure out what my fitness goals are going to be for the upcoming year. One year I decided I wanted to run a few 5k’s, fast forward a few years and I decided let’s run a 10K and then a half marathon and then a marathon! Ok, then those started to become a piece of cake (not the marathon though), but you see my pattern of thinking.

Well this year I would turn 50 and I felt I really needed to kick it up a NOTCH! I didn’t know how to swim and I felt this was the year to conquer a REALLY BIG goal, but not just ANY goal…let’s do a triathlon!

A friend of mine started the spark in me and suggested I look into it, she promised I wouldn’t regret it.

I did (look into it) and I didn’t (regret it)!!

At the time TriEqual had advertised that they were looking for 50 women to inspire and support in their efforts to become triathletes. I filled out the on-line application, submitted it and continued on with my life of figuring out this tri life thing.

I had joined several Tri related groups on Facebook to see what I could glean from everyone’s post and other newbie questions, when I happened upon a list of accepted women for the 2016 TriEqual free coaching recipients. There were congratulations abound on the thread and I just happen to look and thought ‘HOLY CRAP! MY NAME IS ON THIS LIST!!’

I was paired with the AWESOME Matthew Rose of Dynamo Sports. He was patient, supportive and just an all-round awesome Coach to have. He worked with me, knowing I couldn’t swim, and worked with me for WEEKS to get me ready for the Quantico Tri.

I went from not knowing how to swim to completing an OPEN WATER SWIM!!!!

I know you hear the phrase, “If I can do it, you can too.’ In this case it truly applies.

See, that soda settled you stomach just fine, now, come join us!!!!!


Yvette Pollard


Brenda englehart

Yvette, all ur positive posts inspired me all season. Thank u

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