50 and fabulous by Brenda Englehart-Spence

I am a 55 year old middle of the pack triathlete, I started this sport at age 50 (wanted to be 50 & fabulous). I am being coached by Scott Horns from BSR racing. I am an empty nester but also a small business owner. My issues were trying to balance my 50 + hour a week job with training.  Scott was very helpful in this aspect I used the first 3 months with him before my first Olympic distance race this season and ended up on the podium 4th place in my age group. Big improvement over last year. I have since hired him to carry me through my 2nd 70.3 race which is IMAC 70.3 Sept. 18th. I also took 1st in my age group in my club sprint tri in June.

TriEqual has given me the opportunity to reach my racing potential and train smarter not longer. I was so thankful for this great program and have seen results in my races. My plans come through training peaks every Sunday evening so I can plan my week accordingly.

Having a coach has also opened my eyes to what distance I really want to race at. I know I will finish the 70.3, but this summer in NJ has been so hot and humid I have been having a lot of difficulty with my running. I do now know that I don’t particularly like the 70.3 distance I much prefer Olympic and International. With the time constraints of my company it is a much better fit for me.

Having never been an athlete until 50 this sport has enhanced my life so much. I have met the nicest people through training and racing. I know I am a much better person and boss because of the world this has opened up for me.

This is also my 2nd year at mentoring a new athlete in my triclub which I also find very rewarding and I hope to be able to continue that part of my trilife for a long time.



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