The Extra Push by Beth Williams

While procrastinating on my report cards, I came across the Equally Inspiring website with the essay to get more women in Tri. Now, I already race in triathlons, but I was hoping to get that extra push to go further. I decided to fill out the essay, just in case I actually won something. A few weeks later, a text came, “I’m your coach!”. I was like, SPAM!  After confirmation that Brant Bahler was going to be my coach, and the disbelief that I won wore off, I got excited. I already had plans to race IM Coeur d’Alene full again in August, I hadn’t found a coach yet to keep me on track and help me toward my goals. I love racing. I love training. I love pushing myself to see how far I can go and then to see how I failed, to give me something to work on for the next race. I had made big expectations and goals for myself for IMCdA and while the chances of hitting them were low, it could happen. Coach Brant set up my training so I could train for those goals and carefully worked with me each week. As race day approached, I felt I was physically prepared to push it and mentally positive! My race didn’t pan out as I had hoped, but I learned quite a bit from the race and the training and have set a new plan for the next one. In my conversations with myself and other women in tri, I have found that a little bit of motivation, challenge, inspiration, hard work and support from someone pushing you from the outside, you can do great things.

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