Here’s our 2016-2017 Equally Inspiring Team!

A special post this Monday to welcome our 75 participants ! It’s been hard to make a selection, but here’s our 75 Equally Inspiring Team members.


They all have a unique story and we’re impatient to share each with you all. We changed the rules a bit this year. Our athletes have between November 1st 2016 till October 31st 2017 to take advantage of their coaching.

We’ll be reporting on their progress during the whole year. We can tell you that they’ve already started to share their goals between them and the 2015-2016 athletes. It is really inspiring.

We can already give a shout out to some 2016-2017 athletes; Rai Simonson is racing the olympic distance at the Miami Man on November 12th, Marci Goldberg is running the Richmond Marathon the same day and Kristan Huenink is participating to the Madison Marathon on November 13th. This week-end was also busy for our 2015-2016 athletes. Sara O’Byrne completed the Silver Falls Half Marathon, Naomi Liddel finished the 1/2 Murray Man while one of our coach, Katie McCrory Bielat, was running the Disney’s Two Course Challenge. GO EQUALLY INSPIRING TEAM !

Here’s some numbers from this year applications. We had a total number of 163 people that applied to be part of the team. Although, the majority comes from the US, 135 to be precise, we had a good representation from Canada with 18 athletes. We also had people from Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, Austria and the Philippines. Woah !!!

The most popular distance is the 70.3 followed closely by the 140.6 and the Olympic distance. 17 people were interested by the sprint. The distance isn’t important, it’s the efforts and perseverance an athlete is putting into it that is, but we were still surprised by the amount the 70.3 drew.

Participants are vital to the program, but so are the coaches. They’re giving their time to help the athletes evolve and we’re deeply grateful to them. This year, we had a total of 58 coaches that volonteered. 17 were also coaching last year and we’re thrilled to welcome 40 new ones this year !!! The majority of our coaches are once again from the US with 45 coming from all over the country. We have 8 canadian coaches, 4 from Australia and one from Puerto Rico. Again, we can’t thank you enough for getting involved in the program. THANK YOU !

That sums up what’s been happening in the past few weeks with our Equally Inspiring program.







I am so excited for this opportunity. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!!

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