TriEqual is a group of women and men dedicated to fairness, progress, and equality in the sport of triathlon. We believe that a four-pronged approach is required to reach true gender equality:

  1. Progress toward equal opportunity for professional women, including equality in the arena of play and equal compensation with regards to prize money, sponsorship and media opportunities.
  2. Progress toward equality in total participation numbers at all levels.
  3. Progress toward increased diversity of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  4. Strong development programs to nurture and advance athletes of all ages and abilities to the next level of performance.

Since our launch on March 28th, 2015 TriEqual has successfully raised awareness about the unequal treatment of the professional women at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. We subsequently launched a Fair Starts initiative aimed at creating a clean race course for the professional women. Shortly, we will be launching our Equally Inspiring initiative, aimed at helping novice women overcome the hurdles of entering their first triathlon.

We want to take the time to say that we appreciate the efforts of our supporters. As a volunteer organisation we rely on your efforts to take our cause mainstream. Our ability to thrive depends on you. Through your efforts, our goals have become public, and for that we want to express our gratitude.

TriEqual’s mission can only be accomplished by keeping our message straightforward and respectful. We strive for equality through amicable means and our goal is to exact change with dignity. We are making positive inroads and will continue to do so with your help.

As an organisation we share the following values:

  • We believe in the power of sport to change lives
  • We believe in equality in all realms of life
  • We believe in fair play and ethical conduct in sport and life
  • We believe in equal opportunity for all
  • We believe in respectful dialogue
  • We believe in safety and a sense of well-being for all
  • We believe in sharing knowledge and the creation of community
  • We believe that together we can make change


Please use the hashtag:  #visionofequality  and join us in achieving our goals.

Follow us on Twitter: @tri_equal

Text by Joanna Zeiger and Sara Gross