Kevin P. Young, born on March 13, 1968 left us on August 9, 2019, doing what he loved most, cycling with the wind whipping in his face.  He would often say how he was “one” with his bike and share how his rides through the Berkeley hills were his get away to sort and process through the complexity of his responsibilities obtained through the successes he achieved throughout life.  Riding brought clarity for Kevin. 

He inspired so many people with his crazy athletic endeavors.  If Kevin was one thing he was a goal setter; he was focused and held big goals such as the unimaginable challenge of completing an Ironman on every continent (that offers one); time fell short for the next goal of completing a marathon in Antarctica (which would have rounded out his crazy athletic endeavors on his final continent).

Kevin was a fierce advocate for gender equality in triathlon, and in life. TriEqual is honored to have been a small part of his legacy. If you would like to donate to TriEqual in honor of Kevin, or to help our continued work towards gender equality in triathlon, follow the button below.